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A Late Hoppy Holidays greeting…

i am currently in the PNW on vacation. it has been definitely a snowy one which is a very rare time in the Lacey/Olympia area. it has been BRRRRR… icy cold too! wow! anyway, i’m happy i took photos of these cuties before we flew out. these cards were a hit and i will be putting this in next season’s collection.

i have to be honest this holiday, i truly fell behind on posting on this blog and uploading any other of my artwork and calligraphy on S6 & RB. I also fell back on creating my collection of holiday calligraphy greeting cards too. I had it all digitized and vectorized but failed to take the next steps of putting them on stationery. ugh. oopsies.

well… at least now i’ll be ready for next season. yes. i just kept procrastinating on how i was going to present them and how and where. i hesitated because of fear. grrr. or maybe…. it was not the time to do it. but i do have a better idea now on the timing on when to start prepping all the work. i found out it’s best to have it all ready by October… ready to go. i did however, create A LOT!

i got a little lazy on editing these photos of the poinsettia. i went with a different medium, gouache, this time so i can use up some “watercolor” paper that actually isn’t good with watercolor but works so good with other mediums. i used a bright almost neon pink that turned out so good but now so good in pictures. boo. but the last photo was the best one to showcase the brightness and saturation. this one was a challenge to edit the bright color back into the photo. but I did manage to create different color palettes. i’ll work on it more til i’m satisfied. but i can see this being in next season’s round of uploads.

all holiday greetings sentiments – in vectors

so wrote all these holiday greeting sentiments in my own calligraphy style. I came up with both non-script and script in various styles. i then scanned them through my computer, cleaned it up in photoshop and then vectorized my faves in Adobe Illustrator. i love these programs. oh i love pixelmator too. i alternate PS and PXD.

I was only able to create a pattern from one of these greetings, “Merry Ho Ho Ho”… but in different color variations…

next year I’ll be able to create different stationery products with all the sentiments. because i’ll be better prepared to do so. wink.

and i tried my hand at calligraphy on an ornament. I had bought quiet a few of clear flat and round ornaments from hobby lobby for what I thought was going to be a potential client, but.. got ghosted when they found out I was not going to do it on the cheap or for free….hmmmm. i’m actually not sure I want to do this for next season anyway. but i tried.

and a little bit of digital calligraphy art using procreate…

see what i mean of how much i created? a lot … well a lot in what i consider a lot. lol. wow! guess i will definitely be ready for next year!

we go home in a few days and then it’s back into the routine. re-opening and revamping my etsy shop, uploading more to my print-on-demand shops, and possibly pivoting my business. and recently i was contacted by a company to teach calligraphy classes for them. <— i’m still debating on that one but i’m getting closer to going that route. i’ll let you know of my final decision and what it is going to entail. all i know is if i go this route, i definitely will pivot my business in a new direction. wish me luck.

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