calligraphy art, quotes and words

7 days a week – brush lettering artwork

Framed “Wednesday” art print – hand lettered with brush pen

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I’m back from vacation and finally adjusting back into reality here in good ole Alabama. I honestly did not want to leave WA, kinda wish we had left a little later. But nonetheless, the show must go on! LOL!

I did manage to work on a few things while on vacation mode when there was some downtime. And this 7 Days a Week collection was one of them.

I hand lettered each day in caps with a black brush pen. i love the rough look of it.

I then took it into Photoshop, cleaned it up a bit and got rid of the background and little things like extra pen marks, dots, etc. i created them into vectors in Illustrator….

Digitized and vectorized, days of the week

From there I took each day, duplicated, positioned, colored and here is how each day turned out…

here are the rest of the days, all dolled up…

voila! these are fun pieces that would be so cool in a space just to add a little color to it. I hope to have these in my shops in the future. i’ve been slacking a bit on that. oops.

well i re-opened my Etsy shop 2 days ago, open for biz again. last year was a bit of a challenge as i unfortunately did not make a sale. I definitely will have to pivot this part of my business: revamp the tags, add new listings and possibly get rid of the ones on there currently if they do not sell in the next 6 months. I have also thought about closing it temporarily, so I can revamp it. we’ll see how it goes. if you’ve got some advice, i’m all ears.

i recently got back into my calligraphy practice. i have missed doing it. I was focusing on creating watercolor paintings lately that I’ve put my calligraphy to the side.

just a few things i’ve worked on lately…

I have a special announcement I’ll be making soon of a new adventure that I will going thru, adding it to my calligraphy resume. But I have to be on the hush hush for now, just gotta do some paperwork to have it all finalized. Once that’s done…I’ll post it here as soon as I can. But I’ll give one clue: #Squadgoals. that is all. you’ll just have to come back soon.

oh, for those who follow me…. i want to say…. from the bottom of my heart…. a BIG THANK YOU for following this blog of mine and liking the posts. it means a lot to me. hugs and xoxo.

until next time… much love!

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