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Love Hearts Pattern & Focus

Love Hearts Seamless Pattern

don’t you just “love” this pattern? doing the “heart” symbol with hands in front. lol. I did this all in Procreate. it actually started with one word from another piece I had stored in my Procreate app. i just took this one word I wrote in calligraphy style and isolated it.

this word started that pattern…

I just duplicated the word a few times, created my block, added a few simple heart motifs, color and then the pattern was born. Don’t know how to create a pattern in procreate? I’ve got a playlist here of quite a few videos that go thru this process step-by-step. I also take lots of classes on Skillshare on pattern making, calligraphy, etc. Here’s a link to that:

and did you know that the Pantone Color of the Year is Very Peri? yes!!!! it’s more of a light purple-y shade, it’s a blue with violet-red undertone. purple is my fave color too! here’s my take on it:

Pantone Color of the Year 2022 – Very Peri

i’ll be using this color and it’s shade quite a bit in my work. yes! finally, my color is featured! LOL. I even use this as my phone lock screen wallpaper…


so… on another note…

i have been feeling a lack of focus lately in regards to my calligraphy art biz.

I think i’m closing in on my niche but I just feel kind of lost at the moment:

should i list on my Etsy shop digital downloadable art prints, greeting cards, clip art only?

should I delete off my original artwork from my Etsy shop come March? where should I get my art, cards printed? ( I know I do not want to do it)

should i do less watercolor paintings and more of my calligraphy?

Should I quit my current job which is teaching my Zumba classes to focus more on my biz? (I know at some point I will “retire” from it in the near future, as I am not as focus on that part of my life as I am on my biz).

Should i continue this blog? Is anyone really reading it?

Should I keep designing my FB biz page (i started it, added on it, work in progress)?

Should I get an art studio? How much is it going to cost? How often would I use it?

so many questions, that I need to answer and take action on. so I have made a decision to first focus on what my niche will be: I have been really thinking of doing digital downloadable greeting cards and art prints. at least i’ve answered that one.

there is one thing I know for sure is happening… and it’s all about this…

I just signed a contract with a well-known company in the calligraphy community and joining their squad. more details to come! at least i’ve got this one on focus. lol.

what i do know… despite the unknown, i’m excited for what’s to come! i think with this new adventure in my calligraphy journey, things are about to change!

that is all…. well for now. xoxo.

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