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Sip & Script – Instructor, Script Squad, Modern Calligraphy Classes & First Sale!

I can finally announce it! (Although it has been official since January 11, 2022!). I have joined the Script Squad of Sip & Script!!!! I am so excited and i have to admit a little nervous…but way MORE EXCITED to be a part of this awesome team!

I will be representing and teaching future classes in Alabama, most likely around the surrounding areas of Huntsville and Madison. I say future because, I still have to go through their training program. I can hardy wait to spread the word and teach this beautiful art to others!

I will totally keep you posted on what’s to come!

If you are not familiar with who they are… go here for a little background and how they got started

…and here for current classes being offered,

… and you can shop here for all the goodies,

… lastly, check out their blog!

did i say how excited i am? …. Well…. I….. AM ….. EXCITED!

oh, and btw, some other great news (dang, this week has been FABULOUS!)… i made my first sale of one of my watercolor paintings on a phone case through Society6:

it actually happened on January 16th but found out just yesterday when I opened my email up and saw this message and found out its was this painting that did it!

WOW! …. WOW!!!! my hard work, patience, passion is paying off! I am so grateful i did not give up and kept going. this has been such awesome journey. so looking forward to the future! yes.

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