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{Modern Calligraphy Classes for Beginners}

YAY!!!! I’ve got 4 classes coming up! One of them at Kendra Scott Bridgestreet on March 20th in Huntsville! Tickets can be purchased on the Sip & Script website. and don’t forget to check out my S&S profile. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see you in class!

This class is for those who want to learn the basic techniques of modern calligraphy. We start with a little bit of basic knowledge of the supplies, then the basic strokes, onto connecting letters to create words and just having fun with this beautiful art while enjoying your favorite drink or two with lite bites/snacks. We do all kinds of events such as private, corporate, or any special occasion (birthdays, celebrations, etc). It is also for those looking for another creative outlet, brides-to-be, girls’ night out, date night, you name it!

Modern calligraphy can be used for just about anything! I use it on almost all my art projects. I love combining it with my watercolor paintings or just calligraphy only as the center piece. You can add it as a nice detail to a card or note to a loved one. They will for sure love seeing this extra special touch you’ve added to let them know they are “thebombdotcom!”

oh… my first class was a success and soooo fun. The group was so awesome and so into it. lots of laughs too.

My experience? I was a bit nervous at first, but it went smoothly 5 minutes into the class. I gave them extra pointers during class: being mindful of posture, breathing, relaxing their muscles throughout their bodies, holding the pen correctly and the position their hand and pen should be against the paper while writing, how to clean their nibs before re-dipping into their ink pots, slanting their papers at a certain angle.

Such a fun experience!

oh, here are the details before class started…

and they loved their place cards…

Here are the materials I used for each card:

Watercolor paper

Dr Ph Martin’s Bombay India Inks: Red, Blue


Metallic pens

Ribbons from Hobby Lobby

The “Shannon” place card was featured on a Sip & Script IG post a couple of days ago!

and before I let ya go…. here’s my next 3 bookings all at Fractal Brewing Project:

and you can purchase the tickets here, here, and here. Beers, cider, other tasty drinks + calligraphy = YES please!

Hoping you can make at least one of these classes. or if you know someone who would love to learn this unique art, pass them onto this blog post!

Well, it’s time for me to get back to work and find more venues to teach, teach, teach at!


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