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Belated Happy Valentine’s Day: more Pattern Designs

After I taught my first calligraphy class, things got real busy because of Valentine’s Day. I posted like crazy on my social media and my print-on-demand shops. You can find these products on both my Society6 and RedBubble shops.

I know, I know, I came into it late in the game. lesson learned: post WAY in advance for this special day so people can get what they want off my shops. But now I know… gotta get ahead of it big time.

Anyway, Love Day has passed and i can relax for a little bit. but now it’s time to prep for Mother’s Day. and this time I’m gonna do things right. I’ve got five quotes to use, I’m going to focus on greeting cards for this time around, digital printables for my Etsy shop. I’ve been so fearful in posting any. I think I just want to make sure I’m doing it right. but how will i know if i don’t try? Hellooooo Jenn, just do it. So I’ve watched so many youtube videos on how to create digital art printables and listing them on Etsy. And I think now i get and feel more comfortable to just do it. So I will. trial and error.

anyway, off I go to the next project, Mother’s Day. and Oh I just got a gig for an art commission. YAY! more on that later.

and oh…. FYI S6 is having a sale for this President’s Day Holiday:

Sale? yes please! and thank you so much for supporting my small biz, it means a lot to me! have a great week!


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