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Mother’s Day, From Artwork to Digital to Products

Digital Art: Mamacita Needs A Margarita

so yesterday was National Margarita Day! I had no clue until i saw a post from Bridge Street Town Centre Huntsville. I had posted this artwork after digitizing it a couple of days before. what a coincidence. margaritas are on my list of fave drinks, right after mojitos. LOL.

Here’s the original artwork from start to finish before digitizing:

I love that it’s not perfect, it looks so “hand-drawn.”

this was the inspiration for this piece:

photo by Designs by Jhenn, 11/29/2021

pretty close, huh? i think so. but i do have to admit, wish I added the salt around the rim. ah well. next drink.

I am totally getting the hang of digitizing my watercolor artwork now. it’s becoming a smoother and faster process as I keep doing it over and over. But I do want to learn more of is using layer masks better. I don’t use as much as i should. that will be my next photoshop goal. yes.

I’ve gotten good too at posting the final artwork on products too.

framed art print

and creating patterns in photoshop…

these are currently on my RedBubble shop. and soon will be on my Society6 shop.

this piece will be part of my Mother’s Day collection.

i’ve got a few designs in the works for this collection. i’m using Procreate for this collection. changing it up and seeing if this approach for doing my art would be more efficient. we’ll see how it goes.

i also picked up an art commission for a long calligraphy quote + watercolor painting. I can’t really share much about in terms of a photo. but what i can say is that it’s an 11×14 piece that would definitely take me a lot of time and effort, and, it involves my fave color, purple. yes. it’s due in June, but i have a feeling it’ll be done way before then, but that’s not including if i run into a few oopsies/mistakes (which are expected)/ life. i’m taking my sweet time on it, I want to make sure she loves it once she opens her mail.

Calligraphy classes….

so far i have 4 total booked for the next three months and i’ve got one more that will be booked soon as the contract is signed and delivered to me. and there is two potential ones, a coffee cafe and a teahouse that is very popular here in huntsville.

I am thinking of also doing a virtual class since I’ve heard from a few who are interested. But I’ll need to do more research and definitely figure out the setup on to film. my other goal is to do a corporate event too. we’ll see how it goes.

well it’s time to get on with my day with my calligraphy art biz before I have teach my Zumba class tonight. it’s gonna be a busy one. yes.

you have an awesome okay? xoxo

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