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New Art Commission: My Process & What’s Happening Now

Etsy listing of a custom order artwork

I’ve got a few things going on:

  • digitizing more artwork to prep for uploading to my print on demand and Etsy shops
  • diving into the world of selling digital downloadable art printables and greeting cards
  • booking new venues for my Sip & Script Beginners Calligraphy classes
  • prepping for my upcoming classes for this month at Kendra Scott Bridgestreet and Fractal Brewing Project
  • opening booking for custom orders
  • and currently working on an art commission that I should be finishing up by June.

Here’s a sneak peek on that art commission:

I’ll be able to share more and the final piece after my client has it in her hands.

I start by talking to my clients on details and budget. <— so IMPORTANT to ask for a budget, that way you have a starting point on what type of piece and service you can provide them. When everything is finalized, I come up with a few sketches, narrow it down and then provide 2 (maybe 3) “very rough” sketches as proof to send the client. I usually give the client about 1-2 revisions by a specified date. (Tip: DO NOT send the client a “pretty” sketch, send a “rough” one to avoid the client from taking that sketch, later canceling your service, and then using it as their own or selling as their own. Believe me, this happens quite a bit in the art world!)

After my client approves the proof with any changes, I start working on the project: more sketches especially when there is calligraphy involved, lots of tracing paper. Tracing paper will your best friend, it will help with laying out the words before pencil sketching and inking them on the paper or canvas you plan on writing on. And then more sketches of any motifs/backgrounds that your calligraphy will be sitting on. I always paint the background first, let the piece cure/dry for a full 24 hours before doing any calligraphy on it.

Then finally the fun (but also the time when extra care is of most importance), inking your calligraphy. Always test out your ink, nib or other writing tool, BEFORE you plan on using on the final piece. Accidents are an inevitable even on the final piece, but by testing out beforehand, it may prevent from the “stinking ink blobs” from hitting the paper and you having to start over. And yes, that has happened to me. Sometimes I start all over, but sometimes, I just work with it and make it part of the piece if it looks good anyway. It’s up to you.

sample papers from Pressed Paper

~Side note~: Depending on the client and the custom work requested, you should be insistent on having them pay you a 50% NON-refundable deposit before you start any work! This is just so if the client is not wanting to go through with the project and wants to cancel it halfway through the job and you’ve already put in the work for it, you are covered for all the time spent on it. Look at it this way… this is an opportunity lost for another client you could have put your time and work into instead. The remaining 50% must be paid BEFORE you send them the final piece.

…. when it’s all done… and you’ve got final payment… package it up nicely, send it to your happy client where they will display it in their lovely home or gift it to a loved one.

and voila! all good!

This is actually my 2nd art commission i’ve had the pleasure doing. Here’s my first one from this blog post:

These pieces are so fun to do but also time-consuming, thus the price tag. But honestly, and this may sound cliche, once your client grabs it from their mail, opens it up and smiles… that’s what makes all of this so worth it! YES!

Before I let you go, a few last notes…

If you ever need a custom order of an art piece or want place cards made or other services, please contact me here on my website. We can discuss details, budget, what you need, etc.

I can also be contacted on my IG account @designsbyjhenn and/or FB business account

And here are my shops:

Etsy Shop: Designs by Jhenn

RedBubble (print-on-demand)


A summary of my products and services:

  • Custom artwork (calligraphy only, calligraphy and painting) and greeting cards
  • Print-on-demand products
  • Digital downloadable art prints and greeting cards (Coming Soon!)
  • Calligraphy classes for beginners (pointed pen as of current; in-person, virtual, private and corporate events, birthdays, bachelorette parties, date night, other themes, etc.)
  • Other Services: Name/place/escort cards, envelope addressing, small to medium-size signage (paper, canvas, wood, glass, acrylic)

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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