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Sip & Script Calligraphy Classes and Being a Small Business Owner

Wow! I haven’t blogged in over two weeks! Let’s just say I’ve been busy… real busy!

My two Sip & Script Intro to Modern Calligraphy classes, Kendra Scott Bridgestreet and Fractal Brewing Project were such big successes! and Oh so fun! Both were sold out classes. KS was a little bit calmer vs Fractal. LOL. The venue environment really does make a difference. But nonetheless, I enjoyed teaching at both! I got even better in my 2nd class, more carefree but full of knowledge and tips which they loved! They all left class saying things like, “That was so fun! I’m so happy I came!” Even the gentlemen had fun too!

Kendra Scott was so generous with their charcuterie board and prosecco and on top of that not only each student got to take their calligraphy kits home with them but even a KS swag bag to boot! this venue was so adorable. get a load of everyone focusing on their writing. =) we even had 3 lefties in the house!

FBP was much more casual and I love the fact everyone was sipping on beer and cider, laughing out loud, getting ink messy and had so many awesome questions which made the class go so smoothly. This bunch left happily satisfied.

I enjoyed both experiences! It’s almost like teaching my Zumba classes. hahaha. Success.

Upcoming classes? Yes please…. and here they are…

Yellowhammer sold out this past weekend. The next FBP is almost sold out too. Casual Pint is next up. I just booked BeeZr. And I’m hoping to book another brewery, 3 country clubs and 2 coffee shops. Just waiting to hear back from them to set up dates and times.

My goal is to book at least 2 per month, I may do 3 and that will be my max (unless of course, it’s a venue I cannot pass up). But 3 is the max, gotta balance it out with my business and teaching at the YMCA.

And talking small business… I just sold three of my artwork designs….

first this one….on a phone case at Society6

and then this original piece… from my Etsy shop

and a custom order listing… I can only give a sneak peek…

This is in transit to a beautiful home. Once she receives it, I’ll post it in full.

this month has been an awesome one! I finally also opened a business checking and savings account and started using Quickbooks. this biz for real yo!

and dang…. i just got paid this past monday for the two classes I taught… and man was i pleasantly surprised on my paycheck… all i can say is cha-thing! hey… some good advice, if you are a small thriving business, put away in a separate business savings account about 40% for taxes! you will be thankful you did! it felt good to put it in a safe place, so come tax time, I’m ready to pay it up.

Yes enjoy with passion what you love to do, but you’ll love it even more, if you have a business sense too! If you don’t want to do it on your own, get a pro’s help, a bookkeeper/accountant/CPA. Yes it will cost you, but it will be worth it!

before I let you go… sharing these because mama’s day is coming up! some greeting cards I made using procreate:

I’ve got more but will hold off for now…. wink.

Well, gotta go… time to pick up the lil mini-me from Space Camp.

until next time! have an awesome one!

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