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Calligraphy Art Commission Reveal! Calligraphy Classes…

This custom piece is now with its rightful owner in Nebraska! And she is a very happy owner!

this piece took me about 3.5 hours to create, not in one sitting though. i took my time and did each step in the process at least once a week. had to balance it out with all the other things in life and work. But man, it was so satisfying and fun to create! Lots of pencil sketching! and extra slow in inking too!

Materials & supplies used:

11×14 tracing papers

pencils (Faber-Castell & Staedtler)


Strathmore watercolor paper cut to 11×14

Prima Marketing & Hydracolour watercolors (Background)

Black sumi ink

Nikko G nib & carrot pen holder (body)

Uni-pin fineliners (bigger words top & bottom)

protective varnish spray

I bought these materials & Supplies from either Hobby Lobby, Amazon Prime, JetPens, John Neal Books and others as linked above.

Yes I enjoyed doing it but once I was done and it was mailed out, I was ready to move on. And of course I did!

and on we go!

this past Monday I taught at Yellowhammer Brewing. FULL SOLD OUT class!

here’s a few shots of the class:

you can find a video of more of it here

and you can find the place cards here…. (sorry, for some reason wordpress isn’t letting me upload any photos… UGH!)

It was such an awesome class! and get this… there were NO lefties in the house! there are usually at least one or two but none this time.

next up is Fractal Brewing on the the 19th…and it is SOLD OUT as well!

see you there!

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