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Mother’s Day Card Collection

Mother’s Day is coming up quick! in about 25 days! wow! it just seemed like yesterday, didn’t seem that way to you?

I’m a mama to 3 daughters. Two are pretty grown (our eldest finished school and is doing her thang; our second is in college). then we have our e11even-teen as my hubby says. proud mama here.

But I’d be lying if I said it was all good. It’s a lot of ups but there have been downs too. a couple of years or so ago, it was pretty bad. I have really good relationship with my eldest and youngest, but unfortunately with my second, that’s another whole story. what’s so weird is, it happened right on mother’s day. that was the day she decided to not talk to me cold turkey.

I won’t go into details, but let’s just say, that day, I thought my following Mother’s Days would be a total shit-show. But…. it has not. Well that is because i chose to not let it get that way. Although my relationship with her has been pretty messed up, I’ve chosen to move on and focus on my other 2, my hubs and of course myself. Life has to be the way you want it to be. Plus I’m not one to dwell on shit.

But I hope someday she will turn around and talk to me, talk things over (which I have tried many times, believe it or not). Hope is all i have right now for that part of my life and life goes on.

anyway, enough of that…. time to talk greeting cards and what has been going on biz-wise…

I’m beginning to revamp my Etsy shop with digital, downloadable, art printables….and these are the two I started with…

don’t know why i waited so long to do it! it was easy peasy to do it! now onto to the next one…. soon most of the shop will be digital art that you can download right away and print at home or take to your local printers, frame it and display it up! woh!

and I have been killing it with booking new venues for upcoming classes! I am booked out to the end of August! woot woot!

You can find all my classes on the Sip & Script website: Modern Calligraphy Classes.

and a little sneak peek of some place cards I just finished for the upcoming SOLD OUT class at Fractal Brewing Project next Tuesday at 6:00 pm…

lots of sparkle with the use of metallic watercolors. and then that white inked calligraphy… oh shiznit! loved how how these turned out… just need to erase the pencil marks and they’ll be all ready to be received with smiles! LOL.

well…it’s that time again… gotta get a-going! see ya next week!

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