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Red-Orange Floral Design & a Calligraphy Class

I finally got to digitize my “Good One Floral” design and now it’s in my RedBubble shop along with my other designs. And you can find it on my Society6 shop as well.

Here’s the original artwork before I digitized and removed the calligraphy:

the original was recently sold to a wonderful person!

Here’s how it looks like all digitized before removing the calligraphy:

I removed some of the orange and increased the saturation to make it more vibrant. oh I love Photoshop. I am totally getting the hang of digitizing my artwork to be able to cater to different budgets.

This is also being sold as a downloadable art printables in my Etsy shop. I have it in 4 different aspect ratios to make it easy to resize it down to a size you want. (Note: only resize DOWN not up to prevent pixelation).

On another note…. calligraphy class last night…I had a sold out class at Fractal Brewing Project.

Here’s a few to showcase it:

it was a fun night! but I have a confession…. at the beginning of class, I kinda went blank…. oh my! but I am so happy I had my index cards to help me out. after that, class went smoothly like butta! and again, I just loved all the questions and interest. Success.

And here’s a mention of my class:

yes. i love photos like this from my students. it shows they had fun, appreciate what this class has to offer and are so into the class and the art of calligraphy.

Well today is catch up day plus I have a Zumba class to teach. I’ve got about a month out til it’s time to prep & teach two calligraphy classes. a breather for a bit.

but this summer which i did not expect is gonna be a BUSY ONE! I have about 9-10 classes! woh! i am excited but a little nervous I booked 3 each month, maybe 4 in August depending if one venue would be ok to move it to September or later. we’ll see how it goes!

Until next week… have an awesome week and weekend! Enjoy the sun (well at least here in AL it will be today).

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