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Update – Etsy Shop: Downloadable, Digital Art Printables

Yes! finally! I created these babies into downloadable, digital art printables! They are now in my Etsy Shop. All you have to do is click and purchase. Then Etsy will send it to you. Open the file(s), print from home or have it printed at your local print shop, Staples, Office Depot or a similar place. Frame and display in any room in your home, dorm or office. These two are actually 12″ x 12″, a 1:1 aspect ratio that can be sized down to suit your style. This is the largest size available in my size. I may be able to customize to a larger size upon request at an additional cost.

For now, it is only in these original color palettes. I may make it available in other color palettes or add a personalization button to cater to your home decor. But for now, it is what you see here.

Just an FYI, everyone’s computer screens vary or printers may come up with slight variations in color, so please keep this in mind. Also, unfortunately, NO REFUNDS will be given once these are purchased since NO physical product is involved. it’s ALL DIGITAL! (this is in each of the listing’s description/policy).

Oh, and this one is in my shop as well:

I also have it in a previous blog post here. This one has a quote by Abraham Lincoln in calligraphy style. I do have a version without the quote and it will most likely be in my Etsy shop in the future at a slightly different price point.

I gotta say i love doing the digitizing and vectorizing of this job! it’s so fun! I’ve learned so much taking Skillshare classes and watching a whole bunch of YouTube videos, but I really learn even more by trial and error and actually digging in. It is a lot of work but so worth the effort. And even more so worth it when it’s finally posted onto my social media platforms and shops. and to see them on products is so cool!

I wished I started my Etsy shop the digital route, but live and learn from the past. moving forward for the better.

Future plans? more digitizing/vectorizing my artwork/calligraphy and making them available as digital, downloadable art prints.

and of course, continuing my journey as a calligraphy instructor. I am pretty booked out all summer and thru October. I’m doing much more this summer, I had to stop myself from booking more classes. Just don’t want to get overwhelmed and I want to make sure to balance that with my other work life and especially my family life.

Balance. yes balance.just grateful for this life.

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