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{ Upcoming Modern Calligraphy Classes: May & June }

Yeah! Both are SOLD OUT classes that are coming up at The Casual Pint and Fractal Brewing Project.

I’m so excited! This will be my first class at The Casual Pint and my 3rd at FBP. Both are awesome places for craft beer and other tasty drinks. Casual Pint has some good eats too!

I’ll be taking a break from FBP for the summer… well actually I got fully booked with other venues, but I’ll be back in FBP starting in September (thru December)!

I am fully prepped for my May classes… Here’s the place cards for them… I went with a smaller size and back to watercolor paper with simple details….

Casual Pint, 5/15…

Fractal Brewing Project, 5.17…

can’t wait to meet everyone, and teach what I know!

I just realize that I’ve been teaching for about 4 months now! wow! It has been real fun and a true blessing. Plus it keeps me on my toes on learning on my own too. I have been doing calligraphy since 2016, pointed pen since 2020 and I’ve seen so much improvement in my style, confidence and have learned so much from this art, from fellow Sip & Script instructors, other calligraphers on IG and from Skillshare classes.

I plan to keep learning and improving with practicing this art and going to the next level, like teaching Brush Lettering. My goal is to get the license thru Sip & Script for Brush Lettering maybe by the end of this summer or fall. I want to see how things go this summer with a full schedule . This summer is going to be busy! We’ll see how it goes.

Etsy shop… hmmm i have recently been having trouble with being able to add new listings from my desktop. I emailed customer support and I’m hoping they can help me out. Otherwise, I may have to move onto another e-commerce site. I’m a bit frustrated at the moment with Etsy. crossing fingers for some resolution.

and a sneak peek of a couple of watercolor paintings i’ve recently created….

you can check out the strawberries painting on my IG that I posted today.

I can’t wait to share the second one in a later post! But i think you get a good idea what it’s about! LOL.

Well, on forward with my Wednesday. have a good week and see ya next time! xoxo.

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