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Calligraphy Quote: White on Black

Famous Quote: Modern Calligraphy – white on black

This is definitely one of my top fave quotes: “Though She Be but Little, She is Fierce.” And I love writing it in my modern calligraphy script. And damn… it looks so damn good in white ink on black cardstock!

I actually had different version sketches of this quote. And I decided on this simple layout: big margins, big and small words. I have one other design I may try out and will share maybe in a future post.

here are a few close ups:

after deciding which layout I wanted to create from, I used a white fabric pencil to trace it out. Then I used a Hunt 101 nib + Dr Ph Martin’s Bleedproof White ink for he final piece. The last step was erasing the pencil marks.

The cardstock is Astrobright I purchased from my local Wal-Mart. This cardstock by Astrobright is now one of my go-to’s to use. It’s got a nice thickness and smoothness to it. I am planning to get me some colored ones in this brand. a must try for sure!

Well I’ve been prepping for my next classes coming up in June! All three are SOLD OUT!

Angel’s Island Coffee:


Tiramisu Paperie:

Today, I will be designing the name cards for each venue. I’m thinking colored cardstock, border punches and ribbons this round. I love changing it up once in awhile. The last time I used ribbons was in February!

Can’t wait to get going with it!

Here are more classes: July and beyond!

have an awesome week! xoxo.

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