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Watercolor Painting: Tropical Floral

Tropical Floral in Watercolor

It has been a bit… wow.

I’ve been prepping for upcoming classes which start this Sunday:

I am thinking I may have to blog every other week from now on. But if I can every week, I will. But to change it up, every other week for the time being. I honestly haven’t had the time and plus… i’m just trying to focus on more important things regarding biz.

But I have noticed, this calligraphy teaching has taken up a lot of my time, especially with preparation and taken time from my shops and creating more art like watercolor painting, digitizing and vectorizing. And it’s taken time away from my Zumba time too. uh-uh. I truly enjoy teaching but I may have to re-evaluate my next steps. I’ve got some decisions to make.

Anyway, oh, back to the watercolor painting of this beautiful tropical floral… I actually painted this quite a long time ago. Its fully digitized finally. I haven’t yet vectorized it and i’m not sure if and when I will. It has turned out pretty good. The one above is the original color.

Here’s a few variations:

my daughter’s fave is the red one (far right). I gotta say that variation of the original turned out the best too.

I was thinking of using this motif on my new 5×7 crest I’ll be creating for my calligraphy classes. reduce the size, create lots and add it to the crest shape. not sure if I’ll use all these colors. we’ll see how it goes.

well gotta get crackin’ on other things. until next time. xoxo.

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