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Watercolor Crest: Tropical Florals

Remember the tropical floral I talked about in my previous post? Well thanks to my creativity and Photoshop, I created this crest for my Sip & Script Intro to Modern Calligraphy Classes. Just from one simple floral motif…yeah… this is how it turned out. Isn’t she a beauty?

Original Watercolor Painting: Tropical Floral

After I had digitized it and created 3 other color variations, I took the original color and duplicated it a few times, flipping & Rotating, resized and arranged into one side of the wreath. I then duplicated and flipped that part and moved it diagonally to the bottom. That’s how simple it was to do.

I got a good deal through Got Print and got 100 copies of the crest in a 5×7 size prints. It was delivered right to my door a few days later!

It turned out even more badass beautiful than i had anticipated! the quality of the cardstock was on point! sturdy and thick.

The first class I used it was on June 18th at Tiramisu Paperie on a Saturday morning.

Just love it!… i got lots of compliments about them too! I’ll be using the rest of the prints for my summer classes.

I am so grateful I painted that floral. i had painted it about a year ago!

I have lots of paintings and have yet digitized. They are all scanned and saved. They all eventually will be getting some tender loving care and digital clean up in the future. My plan is to add them to art prints, digital downloadable printables for my Etsy & POD shops and add them to greeting cards and invitations. And most will be combined with my calligraphy. Can’t wait!

Time to get back to biz. I’ll be digitizing some more and prepping for July classes the next couple of weeks. I’ve already done a lot of prep for classes, all I need to do are the name cards and putting the kits together. Then lastly, restocking and prepping the bins for class.

It’s gonna be a crazy busy summer! Enjoy the sunshine! xoxo

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