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Update: Etsy Shop – NEW Listing, The Earth has Music for those Who Listen

Newest addition to my Etsy Shop: Digital Downloadable Art Printable – “The Earth as Music for those Who Listen” – George Santayana quote

yes, finally got a new one on my Etsy shop…. a simple message for you to make sure you are paying attention with people and things around you. I love this quote. I found this quote on Pinterest. Some were saying it was from William Shakespeare… but after doing some more research, found out it was really George Santayana who rapped it.

I thought about watercoloring the planet Earth behind the quote, but wanted to keep just calligraphy. I wrote it out like this:

initial sketches…

I cleaned it up with Photoshop and cleaned it further and vectorized it with Adobe Illustrator.

Final piece after digitization and vectorization

I played with one color palette, an ombre effect, just to see how it would look:

…in a teal green palette with splatters.

But I kept it simple, B&W, for my Etsy shop:

I gotta say it would look so good in your living area in a big nice frame, I’m event tempted to do the same…hmm…

the B&W color palette is much more neutral to match any home’s or office’s decor

Black and white is always the best color palette, simple and still stunning.

Future plans, to add more to the shop and to my print-on-demand ones too. Thank you for your patience. Smile. Is there anything you would like to see more in my shop? a particular motif to create into a pattern? a calligraphy word or quote, stand-alone or combined with one of my paintings?

Today, I plan on digitizing some Fall & xmas motifs. I’m still learning this trends game and trying to keep up. I was definitely slow in the game last year, but…. I’ve got some motifs from last year that will be soon appearing here, on my IG & FB accounts.

Can’t wait! xoxo

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