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Print-on-Demand & Updates: New Listing on a Whole Bunch of Good Stuff

Yay! This quote from my last post is finally on a few of your fave stuff in both my RedBubble and Society6 shops! Finally huh?!

Framed art print

BTW, the art prints come in many sizes and in both a square or rectangle shape.

Cotton tote

I may do the quote in a different color palette in the future. But right now i’m loving the B&W look. But if you have a color in mind, let me know. I’ll see what I can do and put it in my shops.

Updates on my classes this past July and August…it’s prob best that I show you…



Here’s the line up for September… only two, one of which is a private event…

Tickets are available for Fractal Brewing Project here!!!!

The class at Anthem Luxury Rental Homes is a private event and is only open to the residents/members of this venue. But you can check out their community here.

Yes I do private and corporate events! Birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, girls/boys night out, date night, as part of a team building retreat and other special events. These events can be held at one’s residence or at a special venue. (Disclaimer: venues & food and drinks for private and corporate events are the responsibility of the host (not instructor)). These classes have the same format and calligraphy kit but is more catered to the party, i.e., special guide sheets. Reach out to me anytime!

on another note… I have about a little less than 3 weeks off from teaching my calligraphy classes. so I’ve turned my focus on paintings….

these are part of my fall collection. I’ve got two more to go. i’ll be cleaning these up digitally and creating patterns, a fall crest and adding them as stand alone pieces or onto various products. can’t wait to play.

today…i’m working on getting my email marketing research done and starting it out and get my subscribers informed. I’ll be plugging into here as soon as i figure it all out. i’m a bit overwhelmed, but i’m just happy i got started with forming my first email. i think once i get over the hump of drafting the design of at least my welcome or thank you email… then it’s all good from there. wish me luck.

until next time… xoxo

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