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Exciting News! Interview with Tennessee Valley Living and featured in Huntsville Magazine!

So a lot happened in August and just recently this month! (BTW, this will be a short post since last time it was LONG! LOL).

First I was interviewed by Payton Walker of Tennessee Valley Living! It was exciting and nerve-racking for over 2 1/2 minutes. OMG!

Here’s the interview:

Then I was featured in the Fall 2022 Issue of Huntsville Magazine:

I have another interview in a local popular podcast in November! I can’t say just yet with who. I’ll announce it either the day or after it all goes down.

i’ve also got a collaboration in the works with a local biz too. I’m keeping the hush hush on that one too.

I just can’t believe this has all happened and will be happening! All the hard work i’ve put in has totally paid off! So folks… don’t ever give up! yes things can be hard but as long as you pick yourself up and keep going, things will just come together and go smooth as buttah! I had some down moments but… there were more up times, exciting times! If I can do it…. dang it… You can do it too! you do you boo!


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