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Tutorial: How to Create Standing Place Cards

Here’s a quick post on how I created these… I got a special request from a client to create some place cards for her and family for this past Thanksgiving…. I was so inspired by this post by The Postman’s Knock, it came at the right time!

I had created these pumpkins using my Procreate app on my iPad awhile back. Then headed to my local printer shop and they came out so vibrant. Yes!

I actually had to spray them with two coats of hairspray because the printer ink made the sumi ink bead. It worked a little bit but acrylic ink gave way better results, no beading! love acrylic inks by Ziller & Dale Rowney! I used Ziller Soot Black on these.

then I cut them leaving a little bit of white space…

i then measured the height of my place card, doubled that number and cut out strips from watercolor paper. the width of the strip will depend on the width of your card. then scored them with my scoring board and folded them in half. I glued one half of the strip to the back of my place card. the folded part of the strip should be facing towards you as you are looking at the front of the place card.

test out how it stands and if you need to bend the strip more, then fold it down and test it standing again. you want to make sure it is at angle where your recipient can see their name.

And voila!

it seems I have become an expert people turn to when it comes to place cards….. here’s a few I did for another client for their thanksgiving celebration …..

the gold in the cards matched so well with the gold trimming on the dinnerware.

i love the two different shades of green i used too, viridian and then a deeper viridian where I had added a bit of payne’s gray. love.

before I end this, sharing what else is going this coming December…. calligraphy classes:

I made this wreath a long time ago in watercolor, originally in green tones. I brought it into photoshop, played with the colors, decreased the size to create this crest and added a bit of colorful details. It is now the December crest for my students to take home with their calligraphy kits. So if you want one, sign up for one of my classes (Athens Ale House is Sold Out!). Tickets are available here at BeeZr and at Fractal Brewing Project.

Okay… gotta head out! gotta work on some custom orders and prep for next week’s classes! have a good one!

(NOTE: my books are closed for any custom orders for the rest of of 2022. But I’m accepting custom orders due in February 2023 ( you will be booked in January 2023); a 50% non-refundable deposit is required before I can put you down in my books and before any work can be started).

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