3 Hearts – Latest Watercolor Painting

did this watercolor painting just this morning… 3 hearts. and no they are not the typical red and pink for Valentine’s but why not! This color palette is different and and stands out from the pool of red and pink that’s out there. I guess i’m a rebel and honestly pink is not my go-to colors anyway.

it starts with a simple sketch of these 3 hearts of varying sizes.

then got my paint on with my professional watercolors by Winsor & Newton (pricey but one of the best investments i’ve made!).

i will ALWAYS LOVE harsh lines and water blooms in my paintings! and i don’t care what rules say they are no-no’s. YOU CAN DO IT YOUR WAY! do your thang boo.

I plan on digitally cleaning this piece up and bringing it into procreate, adding some calligraphy and/or bringing onto products. And possibly creating a pattern with color variations. can’t wait!

and yes…. i do customer watercolor paintings of simple motifs. let me know and we can talk over the details.

psssst…. i am accepting custom orders (rush fees apply for orders needed in less than 4 weeks with a minimum order of starting at $65).

ok, got that out in the world to know! gotta be transparent ya know!

well… changes are happening for me and my business and I am looking forward to all of it. what are you doing this year different from the last? change can be hard but its good too. take care. xoxo.

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