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Calligraphy + Art Projects – December was BUSY!

special delivery to a happy client... HAPPY NEW YEAR! How was your holiday and how did you bring in the new year? I'm finally getting back into the routine of work after a busy season client projects, classes, vacation and being with family this past holiday. I miss having 12 people in our house! YES… Continue reading Calligraphy + Art Projects – December was BUSY!

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{Modern Calligraphy Classes for Beginners}

YAY!!!! I've got 4 classes coming up! One of them at Kendra Scott Bridgestreet on March 20th in Huntsville! Tickets can be purchased on the Sip & Script website. and don't forget to check out my S&S profile. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see you in class! This class is for those who… Continue reading {Modern Calligraphy Classes for Beginners}

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my first seating chart

seating chart on wood as a practice test using chalk markers wow. i completely forgot to post this. I had finished this in February. this was my first time doing one. this took me about an hour to come up with a rough design, almost an hour putting in guidelines, 1 hour sketch write all… Continue reading my first seating chart

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oh that glossy ink

majiscule and minuscule letters using Ziller glossy black in on graph Rhodia paper i am starting to get into the groove of doing more words instead of just letters. connecting them with one another is so much more fun. LOL. of course I still practice my basic strokes and individual letters especially the uppercase letters… Continue reading oh that glossy ink

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oh that green

calligraphy in green of family of 5 happy friday y'all! this has been busy. i am still on a roll practicing my skills. yesterday i did a few envelopes. on average it takes me about 4-7 minutes to do one in simple modern calligraphy no flourishes. the envelopes were a bit of a cheaper quality… Continue reading oh that green