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my first seating chart

seating chart on wood as a practice test using chalk markers wow. i completely forgot to post this. I had finished this in February. this was my first time doing one. this took me about an hour to come up with a rough design, almost an hour putting in guidelines, 1 hour sketch write all… Continue reading my first seating chart

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quote and a word please…

use of pointed pen for a friend's favorite phrase/quote. florals add that special touch to it. so i posted on my personal facebook page... what is your favorite quote or word? then i said I would write out calligraphy style. i got a few responses and this was the first one. love it. love the… Continue reading quote and a word please…


love that window

Oh yes, window art. LOVE. so this is one of our master bedroom windows. just getting my practice on. those leaves. that word. i did the leaves first. wrote in calligraphy style, chalked up and traced my word "Love." then added onto the window with a a Stabilo All-in-One pencil. then the final touch was… Continue reading love that window


oh you can stare, i dare you

Calligraphy and doodle flowers in Procreate. so sometimes people do double takes, others do multiple takes. not sure why. sometimes I calligraph whatever happens after the moment. most times it's all good stuff, and very rare times, the not-so-good. after writing it, it makes me feel good, better after the fact either way. so grateful… Continue reading oh you can stare, i dare you