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this oh so funny birthday card – “Whaaat!” You’re how old! Naaah!”

birthday card with long calligraphy style birthday sentiment quote and illustration LOL. LOL. LOL. I made this card for a funny "young" fella. and yes he does look like this. LOL. no joke! I had so much fun making this one. and i love that fact it's just simple but bold because of the black… Continue reading this oh so funny birthday card – “Whaaat!” You’re how old! Naaah!”


the envelope, please…

envelope addressing ok... i love doing envelope addressing. these were my first ever batch i've ever done. i've learned what nibs, layout, ink, etc., seem to work best. I love the Hunt 101 and Blue Pumpkin nibs so far. i've made mistakes with spelling, had blob accidents, or didn't quite center the address right. but… Continue reading the envelope, please…

calligraphy art, cardmaking, quotes and words

12 years

White ink calligraphy on Watercolor background We are currently in Leavenworth with family. This lace is amazingly beautiful. The house we rented is enormous and we love how it was modernized. The location is a bit questionable but its amenities kind f balance it out. The kitchens are something we would do go for. (There… Continue reading 12 years

calligraphy art, quotes and words

Choosing to Not Let it Bring Me Down

Calligraphy quote or message using a Hunt 101 nib Recent events have saddened my heart... but it will not bring me down or break me. I really believe one is not born to hate, it is taught directly or indirectly. So we must do our part to teach others, but especially our children, unconditional love,… Continue reading Choosing to Not Let it Bring Me Down

calligraphy art, quotes and words

International Women’s History Month

Song title of "I'm every woman" by Chaka Khan; international women's history month; vermillion ink oh i just love this ink. i heard about this vermillion ink in a podcast featuring Suzanne Cunningham. she had mentioned the Moon Palace one but it was so hard to find or every where i looked, it was out… Continue reading International Women’s History Month


It’s all about the Love

Valentines Day greeting cards, using modern calligraphy with a pointed pen and watercolor background. Happy Valentine’s Day! It kinda feels weird it’s on a Sunday. We spent this day together as a family of 3. We rented a house for the holiday weekend. But we ended up making it short and coming back home today… Continue reading It’s all about the Love