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A Late Hoppy Holidays greeting…

Greeting cards: Hoppy Holidays & I'm Snow Cute i am currently in the PNW on vacation. it has been definitely a snowy one which is a very rare time in the Lacey/Olympia area. it has been BRRRRR... icy cold too! wow! anyway, i'm happy i took photos of these cuties before we flew out. these… Continue reading A Late Hoppy Holidays greeting…

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grateful – No. 4 of the Mini Canvas Collection

grateful... calligraphy on white motif and purple background 5x5 canvas here we go... another round of the collection... canvas No. 4, grateful. I had said what I am grateful for in a previous post for the "love" canvas yesterday. the people who mean the most to me: my hubby, my daughters, my family and my… Continue reading grateful – No. 4 of the Mini Canvas Collection

acrylic sign, calligraphy art, quotes and words

Acrylic signs with Calligraphy quotes

acryclic sign quote view 1acrylic sign with simple quote let it beLife Happens, Coffee Helps and Let It Be signage using brushlettering on acrylic substrates WOW! I love how these turned out! just a few brush strokes of acrylic paint on the back side and then brush calligraphy using a Posca marker on the front.… Continue reading Acrylic signs with Calligraphy quotes

calligraphy art, cardmaking, quotes and words

12 years

White ink calligraphy on Watercolor background We are currently in Leavenworth with family. This lace is amazingly beautiful. The house we rented is enormous and we love how it was modernized. The location is a bit questionable but its amenities kind f balance it out. The kitchens are something we would do go for. (There… Continue reading 12 years

calligraphy art, quotes and words

International Women’s History Month

Song title of "I'm every woman" by Chaka Khan; international women's history month; vermillion ink oh i just love this ink. i heard about this vermillion ink in a podcast featuring Suzanne Cunningham. she had mentioned the Moon Palace one but it was so hard to find or every where i looked, it was out… Continue reading International Women’s History Month


Canvas art: watercolor & calligraphy

faux calligraphy in permanent marker on water color background on canvas I love this quote. and no. of course, it's not mine. i wish i came up with it (sorry I don't know who made it up). but shit's so true in my life. and should be in everyone's, don't you think so? (Sidebar:… Continue reading Canvas art: watercolor & calligraphy