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Mother’s Day, From Artwork to Digital to Products

Digital Art: Mamacita Needs A Margarita so yesterday was National Margarita Day! I had no clue until i saw a post from Bridge Street Town Centre Huntsville. I had posted this artwork after digitizing it a couple of days before. what a coincidence. margaritas are on my list of fave drinks, right after mojitos. LOL.… Continue reading Mother’s Day, From Artwork to Digital to Products

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{Modern Calligraphy Classes for Beginners}

YAY!!!! I've got 4 classes coming up! One of them at Kendra Scott Bridgestreet on March 20th in Huntsville! Tickets can be purchased on the Sip & Script website. and don't forget to check out my S&S profile. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see you in class! This class is for those who… Continue reading {Modern Calligraphy Classes for Beginners}

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Intro to Modern Calligraphy Class

Okay! This will be short and sweet! This past week has been busy! And I mean busy! I recently booked two other venues in Huntsville! More on that in a later post! But let’s briefly talk about my very first class! It’s tomorrow night for an awesome group of ladies and gentlemen! I can’t wait… Continue reading Intro to Modern Calligraphy Class