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Modern Calligraphy Workshop at Yellowhammer Brewing

Yellowhammer Brewing 4/4/2022 this will be a quick post... got a busy day ahead of me.... so here's another class on the books! Yellowhammer Brewing on April 4, Monday night, 6 pm! Tickets are being sold at the Sip & Script website! Check out other class dates too here in Alabama! Kendra Scott & Fractal… Continue reading Modern Calligraphy Workshop at Yellowhammer Brewing

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Digital Art: Brave Wings Butterfly

This quote says it all. You can interpret this in so many ways. I think taking risks, small and big ones, is a necessity. how are you going to know if you don't try it out? It may work, it may not, but at least you tried, keep trying or move on. This would be… Continue reading Digital Art: Brave Wings Butterfly