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Oh boy! It's been a bit for sure! January through mid-April have been so busy and I have neglected this blog. SMH. Before I get into the nitty gritty of what this post is about just wanted to make an announcement... I now do this full time (well for the most part!). I resigned from… Continue reading Menu of Services


3 Hearts – Latest Watercolor Painting

did this watercolor painting just this morning... 3 hearts. and no they are not the typical red and pink for Valentine's but why not! This color palette is different and and stands out from the pool of red and pink that's out there. I guess i'm a rebel and honestly pink is not my go-to… Continue reading 3 Hearts – Latest Watercolor Painting

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Print-on-Demand & Updates: New Listing on a Whole Bunch of Good Stuff

Stickers from RedBubble Yay! This quote from my last post is finally on a few of your fave stuff in both my RedBubble and Society6 shops! Finally huh?! Framed art print BTW, the art prints come in many sizes and in both a square or rectangle shape. Cotton tote I may do the quote in… Continue reading Print-on-Demand & Updates: New Listing on a Whole Bunch of Good Stuff

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Watercolor Crest: Tropical Florals

Remember the tropical floral I talked about in my previous post? Well thanks to my creativity and Photoshop, I created this crest for my Sip & Script Intro to Modern Calligraphy Classes. Just from one simple floral motif...yeah... this is how it turned out. Isn't she a beauty? Original Watercolor Painting: Tropical Floral After I… Continue reading Watercolor Crest: Tropical Florals

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Watercolor Painting: Tropical Floral

Tropical Floral in Watercolor It has been a bit... wow. I've been prepping for upcoming classes which start this Sunday: I am thinking I may have to blog every other week from now on. But if I can every week, I will. But to change it up, every other week for the time being. I… Continue reading Watercolor Painting: Tropical Floral